Anita R. Howard
District Attorney, Macon Judicial Circuit

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About Anita R. Howard

Anita R. Howard was elected District Attorney for the Macon Judicial Circuit in 2020. She is dedicated to bringing accountability, transparency and responsibility to the Macon Judicial Circuit. DA Howard is the first African American and female district attorney for this circuit.

The Macon Judicial Circuit encompasses Bibb, Crawford and Peach counties. The District Attorney’s office has over 50 staff members dedicated to bringing justice to victims and families in their communities.

Under DA Howard the District Attorney’s office has added a Director of Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, and diversified the office to ensure the staff reflects the communities it serves. She has also added over 100 years of legal experience of attorneys that live, work and play in the Macon Judicial Circuit.

The Macon Judicial Circuit is here to serve you. Please contact us here or call our Bibb office at 478-621-6427 or our Peach and Crawford office at 478-825-8454.

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DA 101: A Moment with DA Howard

With so much misinformation in the world today, this series is designed to de-mystify the criminal justice process by explaining topics such as the bond process, the grand jury process, the functions of DA Investigators and Victim Advocates, and many more.

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