About the Justice Journal

The Justice Journal is a biennial publication from the Macon Judicial Circuit that is set to coincide with Changing the Face of Justice Day, an annual event hosted by District Attorney Anita Howard’s office. It serves as a comprehensive companion, encapsulating the office’s accomplishments, initiatives, and commitment to the motto of “Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility.” Through compelling articles, features, and case studies, the publication showcases successful prosecutions, fosters transparency by explaining legal processes, and highlights the office’s responsibility in community outreach and prevention programs. The Justice Journal serves as a tangible representation of the office’s dedication to justice, reinforcing trust and demonstrating their unwavering commitment to creating safer communities for all.

For more regular updates, the Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office also publishes The Brief, a quarterly review of content that you may find in the Justice Journal. Read more here: THE BRIEF

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