DA 101: A Moment With DA Howard

“Tackling the Pandemic of Misinformation About Our Criminal Justice System”

DA 101:

A Moment with DA Howard

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Looking for a little bit more information on the Justice System and some common words and phrases? Check out articles our office has written here! 

Title slide for BCREA Retiree Safety Presentation.

Staying Safe as a Retiree Presentation

Staying Safe as a Retiree District Attorney Anita Howard Macon Judicial Circuit Presentation to: Bibb County Retired Educators Association January 10, 2024 View the entire presentation here: Retiree Safety Take Care of Your Assets Be Aware of Scams Don’t Be Afraid to...

What is an Indictment?

You may have heard the word indictment in the news lately. But what is an indictment and why is it important? An indictment is a formal legal accusation, typically a written document, issued by a grand jury, charging an individual with a crime. The Grand Jury process...

What is a Bond?

Have you ever heard the phrase “My word is my bond!”? While it started as a saying from merchant sailors in the 1500’s, it means that the person considers themselves to be always trustworthy and that you can rest easy knowing they will keep their promise. In the same...