* Understanding / Participating in the Criminal Justice System

Your ability to regain a sense of autonomy after a crime is very important to us. Please take a moment to complete our survey. Your feedback provides us with information on ways in which we can improve our program.

As a result of the services I received from the Macon Judicial Circuit Office of Victim Services:

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* I now have a better understanding of my role in the court process.

* Being able to provide input in the court process made me feel included.

* I now have a better understanding of my rights as a victim of crime.

* I was notified of important information about my case.

* I had an opportunity to provide input before decisions were made in my case.

* I was provided with assistance to complete a victim's compensation application.

* I was assisted in obtaining restitution from the offender for the financial losses I suffered because of the crime.

* I was provided with appropriate referrals based on my needs.

* The agency took my culture, religion, and orientation into consideration when providing me services.