4th Annual

Changing the Face of Justice Day

Sunday, June 09, 2024








About Changing the Face of Justice Day

Changing the Face of Justice Day is an annual event hosted by Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney Anita R. Howard, aimed at showcasing the remarkable efforts undertaken to create safer communities and uphold justice for all. Rooted in her campaign promises of “Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility,” Changing the Face of Justice Day serves as a powerful extension of these principles, reflecting the office’s unwavering commitment to transform the landscape of justice.

Every June 9th, the anniversary of her election to this seat, the District Attorney pulls back the curtains, inviting community members, stakeholders, and concerned citizens to witness firsthand the significant strides achieved in pursuit of a fair and just society. By embodying the values of accountability, transparency, and responsibility, this event showcases the meticulous efforts taken by the office to foster trust, build bridges, and strengthen the fabric of their communities.

Accountability takes center stage, as the District Attorney’s office exhibits a comprehensive display of their relentless pursuit of justice. Attendees are presented with tangible evidence of successful investigations, prosecutions, and convictions, highlighting the office’s commitment to holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. Through the display of past cases, the office demonstrates its dedication to ensuring that no crime goes unpunished and that justice is served.

Transparency, another pillar DA Howard’s campaign promises, is deeply ingrained in the fabric of Changing the Face of Justice Day. Visitors are provided with unprecedented access to the inner workings of the justice system, allowing them to gain insight into the decision-making processes, legal procedures, and the various initiatives undertaken by the office. This transparency fosters a stronger bond between the District Attorney’s office and the community it serves, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in the pursuit of justice.

Responsibility, ultimately, is at the core of the event. The District Attorney’s office acknowledges its responsibility not only to prosecute offenders but also to actively engage in community outreach and education. Changing the Face of Justice Day serves as a platform to showcase the numerous prevention programs, victim support initiatives, and collaborative efforts undertaken to prevent crime, rehabilitate offenders, and address the root causes of criminal behavior. By assuming this responsibility, the office demonstrates its genuine commitment to making lasting, positive changes in the community.

Through Changing the Face of Justice Day, DA Howard and her office communicates our dedication to the principles that underpin a just society. By showcasing the fruits of their labor, engaging with the community, and demonstrating their unwavering commitment to accountability, transparency, and responsibility, the District Attorney’s office ensures that justice is not merely a concept but a tangible reality for all.

About the 4th Annual Changing the Face of Justice Day

The Fourth Annual Changing the Face of Justice Day will be on Sunday, June 9th, 2024 at the Tubman African American Museum from 1PM – 4PM in Macon, Georgia.

Keep up with us on social media and our website for the date and to reserve your ticket!

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