District Attorney Initiatives & Programs

Accountability Council

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2nd Chance Academy

In conjunction with the RISE program, the 2nd Chance academy is an additional opportunity for young adult non-violent offenders to make restitution for their crimes but also stay out of the criminal justice system through other means of punishment. The 2nd chance Academy will provide job training, housing and employment assistance as well as services to treat unmitigated trauma that can lead to crime.

Junior Justice League

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Case Flow Analysis

“You cannot improve what you refuse to measure.”

District Attorney Anita R. Howard promised the citizens of the Macon Judicial Circuit that the District Attorney’s office would measure and track how we prosecute cases to root out bias based on race, socioeconomic status, gender, age or sexual orientation. DA Howard is reviewing all cases over the last 5 years and will produce a community accessible report once completed. This information will be utilized to train our attorneys to apply justice equitably across the Macon Judicial Circuit.

Record Restriction

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